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Article: Seeing an Esthetician Can Help with Acne

Seeing an Esthetician Can Help with Acne

A common confusion that people have is – can estheticians treat acne, or should they see a dermatologist instead? In some cases, an esthetician can help you out, even if they specialize in cosmetic, rather than medical skincare treatments. They can’t prescribe medications or treat more serious forms of acne, but can help you care for the skin and keep it healthy.

So what does an esthetician do to keep breakouts at bay?

Perform facial treatments:

They give you facials that include deep cleansing, exfoliation, steams, massage, and more. These treatments are aimed at unclogging pores, removing dead skin, and rejuvenating skin. It takes a few facials for the effects to become prominent, so be patient as the results aren’t instantaneous.

Do extractions

It is necessary to extract or clean out non-inflamed pore blockages before they turn into serious problems. Squeezing out pimples at home to get rid of them is a strict no-no, as it causes underlying damage to skin, so you need to consult an esthetician. An extraction procedure helps skin feel smoother and prevents pimples from becoming inflamed.

Advise about proper skin care

At times, you might not be aware of your skin type or the right way to take care of skin. An esthetician gives useful pointers about skincare. You may want to prepare a list of questions in advance so you can make the most of your time with them and use their knowledge and expertise during sessions.
Not sure which cleanser is right for you? Want to sample a few moisturizers before buying? They also recommend the correct skincare products depending upon whether you have oily, dry, combination or sensitive skin. Ask them about which products are best for you.If you are already using a prescribed cream or lotion, don’t forget to mention it.

Perform few specialty procedures

In most states, professional treatments such as microdermabrasion (not to be confused with dermabrasion as it is a surgical procedure), and light chemical peels can be done by an esthetician. Provide complete medical history, especially if you have diabetes or another condition that might delay healing, any allergies to particular chemicals or products, or been taking medications that might affect the skin.

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