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Great skincare made easy

We've worked with hundreds of acne clients at our mother spa Vanilla Sugar Face & Body.  Here we share results from clients who have gone through our Acne Clearing Program.  The system we have created works with all types of acne and you can get the same results with getting starting with one of our Acne Kits. 

This client had very compromised skin.  We instructed her on many things including not using super hot water to wash her face.  She followed our Acne Coaching Program for only 4 weeks between these 2 photos. 

These two clients had mostly inflamed acne.  This is much easier to clear than non-inflamed acne.  You can read more about that in Elizabeth's book Filter Free & Flawless.  

Our products are excellent for all colors of skin.  This young lady had a combination of inflamed and non-inflamed acne.  She took about 10 weeks to get clear skin.

Non-inflamed acne can take twice as long to clear.  This client needed about 12 weeks for her best results.  If you purchase one of our Acne Clearing Kits, the directions on how to get clear are available.