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About Elizabeth

A Message From Our Creator Elizabeth Steffen


I remember in the 9th grade sitting in Geology class, a classmate asked me “what happened to your face”.  In my moment of embarrassment, I responded with “I burned my face with a curling iron”.  While in all reality I was having a horrible acne break out on my face. 


Shortly after my mother took me to see an esthetician and I had no luck with clearing my skin.  I went to numerous skincare spas all over the world and nobody could help me.  I did learn some tricks along the way that helped, but I still had acne. My journey to figure out how to clear my acne took me another 15 years when I finally decided to go to esthetics school and dig deep into fixing my skin. 


I never took Accutane because my body does not respond well to most medications.  I break out in all kinds of hives or some kind other “bumps” when using topicals.  If I take internal medications, I always warn my doctors that I almost always experience horrible side effects.  I can’t even touch grass without having a reaction.


So I decided to start learning everything I could about achieving acne-free skin.  I spent thousands of dollars learning from the best in the industry and I spent years perfecting my products and treatments to help hundreds of clients achieve clear skin.


What I noticed is that people began reaching out to me from across the country.  Clients of mine moved away or would go off to college and needed continuous help in keeping their skin clear.  I spent over two years writing my book, Filter Free & Flawless and developed an online coaching program to help more people in need.  I just became too busy, and I couldn’t accept new clients at my spa anymore.


I want to stick with my passion in helping people get clear skin without the use of medications. I became obsessed with taking my coaching online that uses a natural approach that incorporates acne safe skincare products, nutritional and lifestyle options, supplements that aide in skin health, lots of coaching and ongoing education.


I host a podcast called Bombshell Beauty Rituals where I share so much education on acne and skin health.  I developed the Filter Free & Flawless Acne Coaching Programs to help those who have suffered just like me.


You are not alone on your journey.  I am here to help you to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.


Elizabeth Steffen