In December of 2002 I was hiking inside the crater at Volcano National Park on the Island of Hawaii when my life completely changed.  I was in a state of pure bliss and awe of how beautiful the world really was, and I had to share my passion for healing with others.   This was the moment I knew I had to be an entrepreneur. 

I had recently been discharged from the United States Navy, living in Hawaii with my new husband attending massage school and college.  Always having a passion for skin care and natural remedies, I had an epiphany that was something I needed to use in my life.  I had already been using essential oils for years because as a child, I was highly sensitive to medications, had eczema, and severe teen acne.  I started making my own homemade topical formulations to heal my body.  Soon my friends were asking me to make things for them and then they were telling their friends. 

That’s how I started my first business. 

I began formulating soaps and topical blends for the body.  A few years later I received my esthetics training.  I remember my teacher telling me that I should really pursue my formulations.  I honestly just dabbled in it because I didn’t truly understand how the body and skin functions in relations to holistic healing.  I just lacked confidence and focus.  After years of experience of working with acne & pigmentation disorders, I began formulating more products and testing them.  Truly understanding the power of custom formulations. 

Years later I've helped thousands of people with many unique skin issues and I'm still learning more everyday and formulating for all the people who just want to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. 

With Love & Aloha,